WARNING: The Regional Partner opportunity is for high-achieving entrepreneurs only!
I'm Looking For Influential Entrepreneurs Who Want To...
I Will Send You...
1. Master Networks Features Sheet
2. Application Process & Forms
3. Income Opportunity Documents
4. University and Course offerings
5. Rotating Meeting agendas Document

"You are only one relationship away from changing your future!"
                                                                                                       -Chas Wilson
Why The Master Networks Opportunity Is ...
"Ground Floor!"
With only 25% of the potential regions sold, there is a ton of potential still available in Master Networks!
Master Networks Regions
Alaska Region                                                                           Available
Arizona Region                                                                         Available
Arkansas Region                                                                      Available
Alabama Region                                                                       Available
CA- Fresno Region                                                                   Available
CA- Orange Region                                                                  Available
CA- San Diego Region                                                               (LOI)
CA- San Francisco Region                                                     Available
CA- LA Region                                                                          Available
CA-Napa/ Sacramento Region                                             Available
Colorado Region                                                                         SOLD
Dakotas Region                                                                          SOLD
Delaware & Maryland Region                                                SOLD
D.C. Region                                                                                 Available
Florida Panhandle Region                                                     Available     
Florida Orlando Region                                                          Available       
Florida South Region                                                                SOLD  
Florida Miami Region                                                             Available      
Florida Jacksonville Region                                                 Available     
Florida Tampa Region                                                              SOLD 
Georgia - Atlanta North Region                                             (LOI)
Georgia - Atlanta South Region                                           Available
Gulf Coast Region- CORPORATE OWNED -                       Available
Hawaii Region                                                                          Available
Idaho Region                                                                             Available
Illinois South Region                                                              Available
Illinois North Region                                                              Available
Indiana South Region                                                             Available
Indiana North Region                                                             Available
Iowa Region                                                                               Available
Kansas Region                                                                          Available
Kentucky Region                                                                      Available    


Michigan Region                                                                             Available
Minnesota                                                                                            SOLD
Missouri Region                                                                                 SOLD
Montana Region                                                                                Available
Nebraska Region                                                                               Available  
Nevada Region - CORPORATE OWNED                                        Available
New Mexico Region                                                                          Available
North Carolina Region                                                                     Available
New England Region -                                                                     Available
New Jersey North Region                                                              Available
New Hampshire & Maine Region                                                 Available
New York Burroughs Region                                                         Available
New York & Western Connecticut Region -                               SOLD
New York Upstate Region -                                                           Available
Oklahoma Region                                                                            Available
Oregon Region-                                                                                    SOLD
Ohio Central Region                                                                       Available    
Ohio North Region                                                                          Available
Pennsylvania West Region                                                           Available
Pennsylvania Central Region - CORPORATE OWNED-         Available
Pennsylvania East Region & NJ South -CORPORATE OWNED -AVAIL
Rhode Island & Cape Cod Region                                                Available  
South Carolina Region                                                                    Available
Tennessee Region                                                                            Available 
Texas- Houston                                                                               Available     
Texas- North Region                                                                         SOLD    
Texas-Central Region                                                                       SOLD

Virginia Region                                                                                 Available 
Washington Region                                                                          Available
West Virginia Region                                                                       Available
Wisconsin Region                                                                             Available
Wyoming Region                                                                               Available
Utah Region                                                                                        Available
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Partner Opportunity

Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Chas Wilson
Dallas, Texas.

Our Mission is to lead a movement of learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders. 
Our commitment is to educate, equip, and empower our members to build a legacy beyond the business.
But I need your help...
We can't lead a movement without you! 
I am looking for those who are interested in being part of something bigger than themselves.....something that makes an impact on local communities, families, and individuals!
Come Join us!
Here's How The Application Process Works.....
Step One:
Discovery Call-

Initial Conversation to get to know you and for you to get your questions answered.
Step Two:
Understand Master Networks-

We provide you with the necessary documentation to get to know Master Networks.
Step Three:
Become a Member-

As a member you will get access to all of the resources Master Networks provides.
Step Four:
Validation Visit-

Visit HQ in Dallas, Texas to visit chapters and meet with Executive Team.
Step Five:
Letter of Intent-

Letter of Intent and Terms agreement.

Step Six:
Awarded Region-

After the initial requirements are satisfied, you are awarded the region!
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